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     If you want to overcome your social anxiety

     If you want to get rid of your fear of being judged or negatively evaluated by other people…

     If you want to overcome your fear of embarrassing yourself in front of other people…

     Or you simply want to rid of your fear of rejection or any other social fear that hold you back right now…

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     My name is Andre Sossi, and in a moment, I’m about to share with you information that took me 10 years to discover… and show you how to learn EVERYTHING you need to know about overcoming social anxiety all in one place!

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     Here’s the story:

     I used to suffer from social anxiety for a very long time. At one point I almost lost my job because of it and that made me obsessed about finding the solution.

     I tried so many different methods, techniques and strategies that I can’t even count. Eventually I was able to separate the weed from the seed and beat my social phobia.

     After successfully overcoming social anxiety I noticed that the quality of my life improved significantly. I got new friends, a better job, I started dating and eventually I met my wonderful wife.

     I can’t believe how much I was missing because I had social anxiety. And I realized how much other people are missing because they have social phobia.

     So, I decided to create the best darn “how-to” book about overcoming social anxiety you could find… share with you all the lessons had to learn the hard way… and arm you with everything you need to know to beat social anxiety and build social confidence, all in one place.

     Fast forward to today, the final book became one of the best-selling “how to” programs on overcoming social anxiety – benefiting literally thousands of people around the world (6 continents and 27 countries so far, to be exact).

     The final book, “Social Anxiety Decoded” was written in a unique way to teach you everything you need to know to beat social anxiety for good… explained in a step-by-step fashion.

     The book describes the process that helps you deal with your social fears without having to expose yourself to stressful social situations in order to toughen yourself up.

     This book will give you a better understanding of your own situation so you’ll know exactly what you need to change and what you need to do first.

     Other programs are usually pretty generic and don’t address your specific situation which makes it very hard to make it work. Social Anxiety Elimination gives you a system that helps you solve your specific situation with social anxiety.

     And unlike other books and courses, everything is explained in plain English, without complicated “psycho-analytical” jargon. I made everything so “regular people like me” could understand it all.

     AND I make the book available to almost anyone, because I offer a complete, no-risk opportunity to check out the course FREE, if you choose…

Here’s a taste of what you’re about to learn:

     In part 1 you’ll learn how to find the right kind of motivation that will drive you forward until you succeed and build the confidence you need to be yourself around other people.

     Usually people get excited at first but then lose the momentum because they lack a real purpose for doing it. This will ensure you have the right reason to overcome social anxiety.

     You’ll also get a better understanding of your own situation so you’ll know exactly what you need to change and what (you need) to do first.

     Other programs are usually pretty generic and don’t address your specific situation which makes it very hard to make it work. Social Anxiety Elimination gives you a system that helps you solve your specific situation with social anxiety.

     In part 2 you’ll learn how to identify the negative limiting beliefs that actually cause you to get anxious in social situations. This is very important so you’ll know exactly which beliefs you need to get rid of and in what order to overcome social anxiety in the shortest time possible.

     Next you’ll learn how to eliminate these limiting beliefs so they stop triggering the anxiety when you find yourself in a social situation. By eliminating these negative beliefs you’ll make it possible for yourself to accept new and empowering beliefs that will make you feel at ease and will allow you to enjoy social events.

     In part 3 you’ll also learn how to accept these new, empowering beliefs as part of your identity so you’ll actually become a confident person and won’t have to pretend to be one.

     You’ll also learn how to reinforce your new beliefs so you’ll never revert back to your old beliefs that cause your social anxiety right now.

     As you can see, I created the “Social Anxiety Elimination” as the only book on overcoming social anxiety you’ll ever need.

     But don’t just take my word for it…

Here’s what other people are saying about this book:

This book has really helped me with my social anxiety. I must thank you for being here for me. I think that getting this book has been one of the best things I have done in my life. Before I found this site I was afraid to talk to other people. I was afraid and anxious every time I had to deal with my coworkers and other people that I didn’t know well.

The strategies that I learned in this book have helped me overcome my social anxiety. I’m no longer anxious when I have to go to work and when I’m there I can talk with my coworkers without that little voice in my head that used to hold me back.

Thank you, Andre!

  • Nicole G
    United Kingdom

This system is working for me. I think that it’s a great tool with a lot of valuable and applicable information. I like that I can go through this treatment at my own pace. In the past I had tried following a few other self-help books on social phobia, but I didn’t make much progress. So I was a bit skeptical about this Social Anxiety Elimination system. I was wondering if this could really help me out, or is it just another self-help book with no substance. Luckily, I had the guts to give it a try and plunged into it. It’s systematic and easy to follow. I was never overwhelmed with this book and the best thing is that I actually followed through and got to the end. I’m a happy man right now.

  • Jason T
    Auckland, New Zealand

I was never an outgoing person. In college I always hid somewhere in the corner or at the back of the classroom. I found it very difficult to have a presentation in front of the class. I got anxious, my face got red, and my hands got sweaty. After college I had to find a job and I couldn’t get any. I got invited to the interview a few times but I always blew it because I was anxious and couldn’t really express my thoughts.

At least my family stood by my side and my father suggested that I should seek for help. He said that cognitive behavioral therapy might help me, so I googled for more information. Then somehow I came across this book. I wasn’t sure if this book could help me. I was afraid that the book won’t cover my problems specifically, but I really didn’t have much options.

I could either do nothing about my anxiety, or I could try to overcome it. I really had nothing to lose. Even if the program didn’t work, I would still have done something about my anxiety. So I bought the book and followed it to the end. I’m really grateful for all the information I got. It has helped me immensely. I analyzed my fear of job interviews and found the way to overcome it. After that I had two more job interviews and I got the job on the second one. Thanks, Andre!

  • Alberto R

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